JAC Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is a team of engineers bound together with the ambition of providing a One Stop Electronic Design centre (Circuit, PCB, fabrication, production). Established in 2003, the company has won numerous electronic design related project both Malaysia and oversea. We are able to provide the flexibility and agility to suit customer demand. We work on the concept of a tree growing from the seed.

With an average of 10 years experience in Research & Development, we have good firm knowledge of the design industry. We will be able to handle from the conceptual design prototype (seeding) to mass production (harvest). With acute project management skill, project budget and design time is closely monitored to meet target.

Our core expertise lies in our technical knowledge on Microcontroller Circuit design, wireless communication, PCB design, PCB fabrication process, component sourcing, PCB Assembly production process. With these knowledge, our customer do not have to re-invent the wheel to accomplish the dream product.

In our quest to search for a single solution centre, we have ventured into the PCB fabrication and PCB Assembly sector to enhance our technical and control on product design. This venture has grown to contribute to 30% of our sales. The well received quality of our PCB fabrication is proven with continuing strong demand from both Malaysia and oversea market.
PCB prototype - PCB fabrication - PCB Assembly - Electronic component sourcing